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Also available to speak at banquets, seminars, youth conferences and Churches. Please use the contact information above.

Located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. 

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  1. I just want to say how awesome it is… everything you’re doing!! love the site, and will continue to read. You ARE moving mountains 🙂 (I rather enjoy telling all graduates “you’ll move mountains kid”, as dr. seuss says)

  2. Brilliant campaign Bob .Chi-miigwetch/Nya:weh. Perfect tiinmg to publicly address all of these long neglected issues Charity should’ begin at home. But we need to be heard, and you are providing that voice in a very good way.I used your form letter and mailed them out to all candidates in my riding, as well as a few others.. hope everyone else is doing the same (strength in numbers).If you were a candidate in this election you would definitely receive my vote!!All my Relations

  3. Im in support of ayinhntg that involves lifting people up and helping them be their own success story.This place and program allows people to do that for themselves and each other.Having and knowing the true sense of a community enriches peoples lives and being able to take that spirit abroad and have the opportunities to travel and participate in field trips,sports,cultural programs gives them more room to grow and spread the positive energy and be an example of whats possible to other communities.GOOD LUCK Nipawin Oasis Community Center Co-operative!

  4. I just discovered your book through my husband and we both love and honour it. I am gaining so much practical steps for my life and for our children and the world. Thank you for sharing and attempting greatness. We need great First Nation leaders and you are one of them. May God bless you in all you do today and always.

    Thanks Lillian

  5. I just wanted to say that I felt so encouraged and uplifted after hearing you speak in Saskatoon at Max Solbrekken's Christ the Healer Church Sunday Sep 27/15. God is truly good. Blessings on you, in Jesus' name.

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