LML T-Shirt

Love My Life T-Shirt is to help in the prevention of Aboriginal teen suicide.

“We want to love you while your here and not miss you when your gone”

Purchase the Love My Life T-Shirt or Sweater by adding it to the cart. Thank you for your support! đŸ™‚


Larry Garfinkel from NativeNorthwest.com is a proud sponsor of the shirt.

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Now in new colours! They are available in pink, white, and dark grey (note – sky blue is no longer available). The sizes are extra large, large, medium, and small.

The sweaters are available in grey and white. The sizes currently are only XL and XXL.


12 thoughts on “LML T-Shirt

    1. Great cause and a nice design. I’m seirprsud how little information is out there regarding heart disease, especially for women, and I appreciate your work.Jessica recently posted..

    1. Thank you! The proceeds will go to youth centres, workshops about suicide prevention, and the making of more shirts.

  1. I would like to buy a medium grey one, but don’t know where to indicate my preference when I go to order and the Paypal page pops up…
    Love this shirt!

    1. Thank you so much for your support! There is a comment section where you can leave what size and colour you want for the shirt. You can also forward your paypal receipt to my email address and put your request in the forwarded email. Hawaa and sorry for any complications.

        1. Hi! My father and husnbad passed away from Congestive Heart Failure. I commend your Group The Bleeding Heart Project. We definitely need educating and awareness.

  2. Love the T-Shirts …. Your form is not user friendly for multiple shirt / color orders. Can I give my order here? Don 806-239-1139

    1. Yes you can give your order now. We have fixed the glitch. Please tell us the colour and size of the shirt and then order. Thanks

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