Young Adult and Teen Mental Health

Something’s not quite right…..

You’ve noticed that you’ve been feeling or acting differently. Maybe you’re feeling a bit more moody, anxious or stressed than usual. Maybe your finding it difficult to accomplish tasks as easily as you used to or your drinking is getting out of hand. Maybe things just don’t feel quite right, and you don’t know why.

It could just be a tough time you’re going through….maybe it’s something more. Checking it out at right away can help make all the difference. offers quizzes to help you better understand what’s going on with you and provides support such as education, self-help tools, website links, a chat link, and assistance in connecting to local professional resources. Fraser Health and BC Mental Health and Addiction Services’ website and is focused on early intervention and prevention for teens and young adults.

Acting early will help you feel better faster, and stop the problem from getting worse.

If you do find out that your dealing with depression, anxiety,  or substance misuse, you’re not alone. One in five B.C. youth and young adults experience these types of issues and if you act early, you can stop them from interfering with your life at home, school, work, and with your friends. Help is there.

I just visited   and thought it was a fantastic resource. I highly recommend checking this site out! This goes out to all my Haida Peeps!

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