Stay Away From the “White Stuff”…..SUGAR

We consume a lot of refined sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup and table SUGAR. According to the new Statscan report, which used data from the 2004 Canadian Community Health Survey, one in every five calories that Canadians consume comes from SUGAR. Canadians consume an average of about 110 grams of sugar per day (the equivalent of about 26 teaspoons). About a third of that intake is derived from normal sugars that come from vegetables and fruit.

Calculating that out, the report showed us that 35% of the sugar we consume is coming from the “White Stuff” we should stay away from…namely that includes sweets and soft drinks. This means the average Canadian consumes about 38.5 grams (10 teaspoons) from the bad “White Stuff” per day!

We have come from consuming a little bit of SUGAR in our diets to now having a large portion of our daily diet complimented with SUGAR.

SUGAR is one of the causes of the Obesity Pandemic in North America. About 31% of Canadians (and about 30% of Americans) are obese and the number is growing and has been growing for the past 20 years in addition to this we are now dealing with the childhood obesity problem.

Our holidays are associated with SUGAR. Halloween (sweets), Easter (chocolates), and Christmas (candy canes) have the culture of SUGAR built around them. Even at birthday parties the birthday cake is covered in SUGAR and the drinks are full of it as well.

Science tells us if our body has too much SUGAR it will react negatively to it (especially high fructose corn syrup). It can lead to obesity, which we know that obesity leads to certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. The good news is you can eliminate it from your diet.

How to avoid the SUGAR problem:

1. Try not to buy it – the more sugary treats that are close to you….you will eat it. Don’t buy SUGARY soft drinks (pop), the sugar or pop will always win if it is in your house.

2. Take small steps to slowly wean it from your life. Find creative ways to eliminate refined SUGAR from your diet.

3. Have good support from your friends. Share your goals with them and the people in your home. Tell them, “If you see me eating SUGAR….remind me I want to stop it”.

4. Reward yourself with all of your efforts. Enjoy your life and fun!

5. Eat more fruits, vegetables, decrease SUGAR intake and exercise and you will loose weight. Talk with your Doctor or medical health professional about your goals and ask them for their help.

I have many things I tell myself in the morning and one quote that has changed my life is,

“I eat food to fuel my body and NOT to satisfy my appetite, I only have one body and I need to look after it”.

Cheers to eliminating refined SUGAR from your diet. “Love My Life” and my one and only body 🙂